Notice of Closing of Nataraj Ginza Store on 21th march

We are sorry to inform you that we will be closing our store on March 21, 2022 (holiday). The building in which our Ginza store is located will be reconstructed, and we have decided to move out. Along with the neighboring buildings, it will be the site of another redevelopment of Ginza.
We had been considering relocating to a new location, but with the Corona disaster lasting longer than expected, and with no prospects for the future, we have come to the decision to close the store.
Thank you very much for your patronage over the past 20 years in Ginza.
I have many memories of that time.
In addition to live events and parties, we had customers who came from far and wide to love the Nataraj Ginza store.
Thank you very much to everyone who has nurtured and walked with us through the years.
Our Harajuku, Ogikubo, and Milan Nataraj Shibuya stores are still open for business.
Thank you for your continued support of Nataraj.

※ Please enjoy our mail order and delivery services as well.

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