• 2022.04.09

    Mela Nataraj (Nagano tateshina)start open at 18th april 2022 11am

  • 2022.02.27

    Notice of Closing of Nataraj Ginza Store on 21th march



story1. The First Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Japan

In September 1989, Nataraj opened the first vegetarian Indian restaurant in Japan.
Today, there are four restaurants in Tokyo (Shibuya, Harajuku, Ogikubo) and one in Tateshina, Nagano Prefecture. It has always been Nataraj's wish to satisfy everyone with delicious, healthy, vegetable-based, plant-based cuisine.
At Nataraj, we wish for the health and happiness of our customers, and prepare our dishes with the same sincerity as we would for our loved ones and family.

ナタラジの創業者 N .B カハール