Since we opened an Indian vegetarian restaurant as the first of its kind in Japan in 1989.
We have been offering delicious dishes which make both your body and heart satisfied.
Eating is as important as breathing and is a significant part of living.You are what you eat.
Food is not only will become your body, but also affect your mind.
We believe that taking care to eat safety, natural and healthy food is as important as taking care of the earth environment,
as humans are the part of the world, which every living are connected.

Nataraj Concept

Any kinds of meats or fishes are not used.
All of our dishes are vegetarian and we also offer vegan foods.

●Organic vegetable farmland
We have three farmlands where every vegetable are organic and used in our restaurants.
Many kinds of vegetables are growing through all seasons.

●Wisdom of Ayurveda
Ayurveda has lots of good effects for health and we use the method in our dishes by selecting spices.

It is said that vegetarian foods protect global environment and are good for people's health, too.